Fall Into Glitter

Ok, so it’s actually starting to feel like fall is heading this way down here! The lows have been in the 60’s and highs in the 80’s, which is what Houston’s version of fall feels like, lol.  Something about the slightly cooler temps that makes me want to pull out my darker nail polishes, and well…a layer of glitter never hurt anyone ;-).





Julep:  Shoshanna & Josephine


What nail polish are you falling into this week?

  • Nessbow

    After weeks of being too busy to find time for a manicure, I’m finally rocking a deep, sassy burgundy and loving it.

  • LOOOOOOOOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Soshonna color!!!

    I’m actually really into nudes at the moment. I decided to give long almond nails a shot and loving how it looks on them.