Smell the Roses

Lovelies, I’d be lying if I said 2014 wasn’t kicking my ass (pardon the language)!!  From no longer having a part-time job, to seeking a new job, to trying my darndest not to give up on Clutched & Covered, to this single gal life (where I’ve fallen in love with my guy best friend and try not to pour my heart out to him every day, lol), to a crazy emotional roller coaster of depressing lows and jubilating highs, and so much more; as we head into the final quarter of the year, I have been feeling as though I’ve really been losing at this life thing.  I am not writing this to receive your sympathies in the comments, but I am writing this to be real and transparent, as that is the way I like to keep it around this part of the blogosphere.


In spite of all of these negatives that are literally trying to weigh me down, emotionally and mentally, I am grateful for this experience.  Would I like to find a job? YES! Would I like Clutched & Covered to be making crazy sales? OF COURSE! Would I like my best friend to look at me and realize I could be the woman he’s been looking for? HELL YEAH!!  (bwahahahaha; I have to laugh at myself about that situation sometimes)  Nonetheless, I am grateful because in the last 5 months or so, I’ve learned to take moments to smell the roses that are still booming in my life.  To enjoy laughter with friends.  To get dressed up, go out and dance my cares away. To praise God at all times, because His goodness does not end just because I have some trials I’m facing.  To appreciate the opportunity to work on Clutched & Covered, allotted by this time of job seeking (which is a job in itself, by the way).  To carve out moments to let those I love know I’m thinking about them, which might not be possible if everything were going the way I hoped.  There are roses blooming all around us, and as I take moments to not just glimpse at them as I walk through this crazy life, but smell them too, I want to encourage you to do the same.


You may not be facing the same adversities as myself, but we are all facing challenges in our lives, on some level or another (if you aren’t, power to you my dear!), and those challenges can seem to cloud any and all things positive in our lives.  However, I am learning that taking the moments to appreciate the good and positive in my life, smelling the roses, is what helps me push to the next day, to submit another job application, to keep working on making my business a success, to see friends when I want to stay hidden in my bed, to smile when I really want to frown, etc. The more we focus on the positive things in our lives, the more miniscule the negative will become.   I like to write in a gratitude journal, among other things.  What are some ways that you stop and smell the roses?

  • imperfctconcept

    This is a really good post. When I jog every morning I don’t per se stop and smell the roses but I do look at the sky a lot. Just basking in what God has done. Bravo always being transparent and sharing with us your readers.

  • Lryxx

    I stop and smell the roses when I stop by this website and am inspired, when I try to take a selfie and not gag, because it seems I loose at that EVERYTIME, why are some folk so darn photogenic??? btw: I too have fallen for someone who isn’t my best guy friend (yet) but oh my how he has captured and reawakened my entire self!! I hear you, I feel you and overstand! In solidarity! stay up 🙂

    • So very honored that this site can be inspiring to you :-). Girl, the selfie struggle is real!!! I tend to need at least 4 before getting one I like, and that’s on a good day! Lol

      Thank you so much for ove