Quirky Bunny

At 29 years old, I’ve come to accept that I’m a quirky lady (yes it took me 29 years, lol). I believe all prints can be mixed. I love being alone, but enjoy people (social introvert alert). I’m crazily in tune with my emotions. I love running through the grass barefoot. I only eat ketchup if it is combined with hot sauce. Oh, and I wear bunny ears for no reason ;-). This only touches the surface of my quirks, but I am very much okay with them all.  You too?

windowpane-midi-gingham-and-red-schutz-pumps-consider-me-lovely black-bunny-ears-eshakti-dress-as-a-skirt-vintage-windowpane-blouse-red-schutz-shoes-consider-me-lovely

A couple of Sundays agao, I wore this ensemble to church. I’ve been going to to the same church, my entire life, so whatever I wear should not as a surprise to anyone, but for some reason, people were rather surprised by my bunny ears, lol. A few people even made comments that could’ve been offensive or insulting, but luckily, my confidence is on 10! This instance just reminded me that everyone won’t understand everything that makes me, me, or everything that makes you, you.




Blouse:  IDK- vintage; Skirt (really a dress):  eShakti (similar); Bunny Ears:  Claire’s (similar)


Shoes:  Schutz- c/o Shopbp


Sometimes our quirks are visual, other times they are mental or emotional, but the key to life is embracing them all. In doing so, others do not have the power to make you second guess all that makes you unique. In a quest to be accepted, wanted, and/or loved, we can become caught up in the opinions of others, but once we understand that everyone won’t get or embrace our quirks, our special attributes, the power of outside opinions vanishes. Everyone won’t understand you, and one must be okay with that!

What makes you quirky? How do you embrace your quirk?

  • I think the quirks in people is what makes them special and stand out from the rest of the crowd!!!

    Love, love those shoes by the way!!!

    Carsedra McKoy:

  • Nessbow

    Quirks are so important. I think a person’s quirks are often the little details that make them special, those tiny things you fall in love with. It’s awesome that you’re so comfortable embracing yours.

  • I love those ears, and I reckon the rest of that pattern clashing ensemble is wonderful. Those shoes are fabbb!