Wear It Well

Lovelies, over the weekend we finally got a little peek of what fall is supposed to feel like! It only lasted two day, because we are back in the 90’s now, lol, but it was my perfect excuse to pull out one of my favorite sweatshirts. Sweatshirts and shorts (with sandals) is one of my favorite combos before the truly cooler weather comes through, and this outfit was perfectly cozy for spending time with family and friends at two separate home gatherings.

pink-sweatshirt-denim-shorts-camo-clutch-consider-me-lovely pink-shirley-chisolm-sweatshirt-vintage-denim-cutoffs-blue-sandals-camoflauge-clutch-consider-me-lovely


While visiting with my family, I was talking with one of my cousins about somethings I have been going through, and he said, “You wear broke well.” LOL. The statement totally made me laugh, but it was a true statement. I am pretty sure that I don’t look like an unemployed person, looking for a job (at least not when I leave the house, lol), and this is nothing but God’s doing. I have been out of work for about 3.5 months, and I’ve never gone without a meal. I continue to have a roof over my head.  My closet is full of clothes, though I haven’t done much shopping, and I’ve even been able to do fun stuff, among other things. You’d never be able to look at me and know my struggles, today or in the past, but God is GOOD, and my mom always told me, “You don’t have to look like what you’re going through.”



Sweatshirt:  Philadelphia Printworks (sold out, but a grey company to buy from);  Shorts:  Ralph Lauren- vintage birthday gift; Shoes:  Dollhouse- Park Boutique (get them here)


Clutch:  Clutched & Covered


So, whatever you may be facing darlings…unemployment, illness, marital struggles, single girl struggles, depression, sadness, grief, friendship issues, etc., wear it well. Wear that issue like you know it’s going to get better, because it will.

  • Really cute casual look!!

    And yes to wearing it well and knowing God has already worked this out, love this!!

    Carsedra McKoy of:

  • I just felt a shout in my spirit! Yes, you do not have to look like what you’re going through. I have been unemployed twice in the last two years and never went without a meal. It got rough, but God always provided. You look fabulous!

  • Melissa

    You do look great. Love the clutch. Keep that positive attitude and spread it!

  • Nessbow

    You look sensational! This is just what I needed to hear today. I broke up with the guy I’ve been dating on the weekend and it’s been eating at me. It’s taken all of my energy to do my hair and put on a pretty dress for work, but I feel so much better for having put the effort in. It’s all about looking after yourself. 🙂