*Eff* Inadequacy

As I mentioned in my first post of 2015, I’ve really been struggling with feelings of inadequacy lately. Let’s be real, more like for the last year, lol.  I started off the year determined to remind myself that “I am enough” for any and all things, but my daily reminder hasn’t been working.  Whether, it’s the jobs I’ve applied for and received the standard rejection letter, to freelance opportunities that have presented themselves, in which I’ve hesitated to accept, to my not so exciting dating life where I’m in love with my best friend (sshhhh ;-)) and random men on the street don’t even notice me (eHarmony here I come? lol), I’ve been being SUPER hard on myself.

Photo Apr 03, 2 06 41 PM


Sometimes these feelings make me overwhelmed with emotions, resulting in tears, causing the people in my life to think I’m some sort of emotional psycho, lol.  However, more than anything, these feelings of inadequacy have begun to affect my self-esteem, and that is a big NO NO in my book.  I don’t know about you, but I spent far too many years with low self-esteem to allow this to continue!  So, the other day I decided to put greater effort into actively controlling my thoughts.



I can’t pretend that it’s easy, but we must work daily to tell our negative thoughts to flee.  While I’d been attempting to silently remind myself that I am adequate since January, over the last week or so I’ve been audibly telling myself that “I am enough,” whenever the thoughts of inadequacy have crept in.  It’s made a world of difference, and I want to encourage you to do the same.  Whenever you find yourself thinking your aren’t good enough for something or someone, be it a new job, a business idea, a friendship, a romantic interest, those new shoes, etc., please know that YOU ARE ENOUGH.  YOU are AMAZING.  YOU are DESERVING of whatever your heart desires, and I AM TOO :-).


P.S.  This post wasn’t written to illicit comments of concern or pity, but I want this blog to be a place of transparency, in case anyone feels they are alone in going through the same experiences and feelings. <3

  • Yep, it’s official you’re AWESOME!!! I want you to know that and everybody else that comes your way! Your transparency and beautiful heart always wins and i’m with Zara’s mama, your body is sick…I’m jealous!

  • Nessbow

    Sending hugs and prayers and encouragement. I struggle with feelings of inadequacy often, and it’s never a good feeling. But I too have found that the best way to deal is to be attentive to my own needs and monitor those negative thoughts when they crop up. Good on you for taking care of yourself sweetheart. You are enough.

  • Deb

    Oh, I have missed your blog! We all go through those days, months, years!… This is the year for both of us! It has started to get better already! Make yourself a plan, and watch everything unfold! God, I wish I could wear shoes like that!

  • Zara’s Mama

    You are def enough my friend. Things are going to shift you this year. I feel it. Ps… Those shoes are soooo good!

    Somebody is out there is going to appreciate the shit out of you and be so scared to let you go that you are going to get sick of them!

    Did I mention those shoes are so good !?! Ugh and I am so jealous of your Damn body!

    Ok. Bye