Living Golden

I pulled up to church on Easter Sunday and a pal of mine said, “You look like you’re living life like it’s golden,” as a play on my gold skirt and the Jill Scott song, as he knows I am a Jill Scott fan. While it gave me a good little laugh before church, it got me to thinking…

lady-and-cat-consider-melovely vintage-golden-smile-consider-me-lovely

I’ve shared with you in my latest posts some of the things I’ve been dealing with emotionally and mentally, but the ultimate truth is that I’m so very blessed. While, I share my pains here in moments of transparency in hopes that someone may know that they aren’t alone in dealing with similar issues, I want this to be a space where we acknowledge our blessings too, big and small.

silk-windowpane-blouse-gold-midi-skirt-consider-me-lovely   gold-black-blue-lucite-consider-me-lovely

I wake up daily. I have a job, that pays my bills. I have an amazing group of friends. My mommy loves me. I have a new apartment that I love. There are groceries in my refrigerator. I have contacts that allow me to see ;-). I not only have clothes, but clothes that I love. God showers me with His love, even when I am underserving. I am loved and know how to love. I have God’s joy.

vintage-windowpane-blouse-gold-vintag-skirt-blue-with-lucite-heels-consider-me-lovely gold-vontage-skirt-windowpane-blouse-consider-me-lovely

While my pal said it to be funny and there are certainly things in my life that I can com pain about, he was right. I am living life like it’s golden! If we don’t live life goldenly, what’s the point of living? Everyday is a blessing, that we must take time to appreciate. Everyday is golden!


If you’ve never heard the song by Jill Scott (or even if you have), give it a listen and get your golden living dance on!

  • Love the shoes, in the profile photo it looks like you are on your tippy toes.

    xx Falasha,

    Bite My Fashionll Instagram ll Bloglovin’

  • Yes! Totally agree with this post and I often have to remind myself and remember all the great things in my life. I love the length of the skirt too. Stay gold! x