Color Ministry

Lovelies!!  It’s been like a month! How’ve you been??  🙂


I wore this to church a few weeks ago, and a lady stopped me to say, “I just love seeing your outfits.  Your outfits are so bright and colorful; they always bring a smile to my face.” (or something to that effect, lol)  I must admit, I’ve probably thought of that exchange everyday since.  I don’t know about you, but I am always wondering and hoping that I can be a blessing to others, but I am not really big on talking to humans, lol (#introvertproblems).  This brief conversation reminded me that God will find a way to use us, as we are. While I may not say much to people and can be pretty awkward when forced to do so, God, in all of his awesomeness, saw fit for me to be a print mixing, multi-color wearing, vintage/thrifted loving, style anomaly, so that I might be a blessing to others in my own way…a ministry of sorts :-).



I share this with you all (because it’s my blog, and I can write about whatever I want, lol) because we can all, so often, feel like we aren’t making a difference in the world, due to our lack of social status and popularity, but my exchange with the usher lady, who I’ve known most of my life but name I can’t remember, reminded me, that the world can be blessed by us, just where we are.  We truly have NO IDEA whose life we are making an impact on.  We have no clue who’s watching us.  We just need to be ourselves, let our varying lights shine, and let God do the rest :-)!


P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend who probably isn’t reading this, but just might since he has the day off, lol!

  • Juanette Benson

    Yes! Color Ministry! I wanna join! We can praise dance and print mix at the same dang time!

    And you’re right, we never know who we inspire, I was thinking of your toned legs yesterday as I worked out! (Is that gay? I’ont know, don’t judge me, they motivate me!)


  • Kimberly Robinson
  • You inspire me a lot. I’ve been following you for a while and your confidence and beauty radiates through your posts.

  • Reiko