Jogging Lessons

Ok, so it’s been a bit TOO long since my last post…I know, but during that time, not only has my summer break come and gone and I got a kitten (HEY Nino!), but I turned 30 and went on vacation in Aruba! School is starting back soon, which means this teacher has work to do, but i can always daydream about my vacation, right? 🙂


I turned 30 in June, and I certainly realize that I am 30 and fine! However, while on my vacation parading around in two piece swimsuits, I realized that I had a bit of fat in my belly (notice I said a bit. please let us not compare fat.) that I wasn’t crazy about. On top of that, I was the kind of person who was slim on the outside and unhealthy on the inside. It turns out that the best friend had similar realizations during our vacation, so we decided to start jogging and eating a little better (notice I said a little because we both still LOVE cake, lol.). We are about a month in, and I knew I’d eventually lose a few inches and gain some muscle, which I am really excited about! However, I didn’t expect to learn about life through jogging every other day. I’ve been really inspired and motivated by these jogging lessons, and I thought I’d share them with someone besides myself:


1. Push Through
When things get hard in life, particularly in trying to reach a certain goal, it can be easy to give up. The first day that we went to the track, I thought I’d die trying to complete the mile, but the best friend kept reminding me to “push through.” Not only am I reminding myself of this at every jog (I’m completing a 2 mile trail now!), but as I try to figure out life and achieve some personal and professional goals, I am reminding and encouraging myself (and you too!) to “push through.” The finish line is ahead!

2. Run Your Own Race
During our first couple of jogs, I tried really hard to keep up with the best friend, and I about passed out every time we finished getting around the one mile trail, lol. It wasn’t until I started finding my own pace, which meant I trailed behind observing in admiration, that I began completing the mile, even feeling like I could run two at times. So often we are comparing ourselves to others, their career success, their love lives, their style, etc., but in all actuality, we just need to worry about ourselves…our own careers…love lives…and outfits. When we do that, we are able to grind for and attain what is meant for us. It’s very hard to achieve our own goals worrying about the goals of others.

3. Surround Yourself With People Who Motivate You
Every time I’ve wanted to quit in my jog, whether it was he one mile trailer the two mile, I had my best friend ahead of me, which motivates me to keep going. Every time he reaches the finished line ahead of me, he stands clapping until I reach it too. When my legs want to give out, I find myself thinking, “How can I give up when he is just ahead of me “pushing through” himself and encouraging me to finish?” It is a blessing to have people in your life who motivate you and push you towards greatness. From my momma to my girlfriends to the best friend (and even some of you that I interact with regularly on social media or text, I am surrounded by people who are consistently motivating me to greatness. It can be hard at times, but we must eliminate people from our lives who are not pushing us to be our best selves.

4. Don’t Give Up
Just today, I went jogging alone, more so out of a need to clear my mind and pray than as a apart of my fitness goals, as we went jogging yesterday, and being that it was an “extra jog” for the week, the idea of stopping before completing the two miles kept entering my mind. Nonetheless, my goal was to complete the two miles without walking. As heavy as my legs felt, I kept reminding myself to “push through,” willing my legs to keep on, and I felt so accomplished after reaching the end! Had I given up and started walking, I would’ve been disappointed in myself once I reached the finished line. When trying to make it to a certain destination in life, we mustn’t give up. if we give up, we will never know the reward of reaching the our end point.


I don’t know what you want out of life. I don’t know what goals you’ve set. I don’t know where your greatness lies. Nonetheless, I encourage you to push through, run your own race, surround yourself with people who motivate you, and don’t give up. In doing so, you’re destined to reach your goals and achieve your desired success, both professionally and personally.

Happy Wednesday darlings!!

  • Crystal Isaac

    Great post! I think we all need these reminders daily.

  • “Push through” I love this! Sometimes that’s all that we need to do is “push through”!