Changing Layers

HEY there lovelies!!  It’s been FFFOOORRREEEVVVEEERRR since I’ve done any real blogging, and while I’d like to give some excuses for why I haven’t blogged, I really don’t have any, lol.


How have you all been?  I hope life has been treating you very well!  I’ve been working (teaching is a never ending job), traveling (these photos were taken in Toronto during Thanksgiving week), doing all that I can to enjoy life, and working on developing a new business, Tous Lovely (DIY parties, anyone?).


In the midst of trying to enjoy all that life has to offer this year, I’ve told myself that I would blog each week, but that never seemed to happen.  I’ve found myself feeling like I have nothing to say…like there is no point in taking outfit pictures…like maybe I should be doing something else with my time… or like no one is listening to the nothing that I have to say, if I had anything to say at all…like Consider Me Lovely is just another blog in the crazy saturated blogosphere.  Admittedly, these are sentiments that I’ve felt and expressed here before, but this time I’ve reached a final resolve.


I’ve decided to close Consider Me Lovely.  After 5 years of making, what I hope has been, a positive mark on the blogosphere, I believe that my time has run its course. It’s been a true honor to share my random thoughts, talk fashion and style, encourage and inspire each other (you guys have been here through many of my highs and lows), support your businesses and having you all support mind, and so much more.  My experience on Consider Me Lovely is one that I will never forget and can never replace, and having the opportunity to create my own little space of loveliness on the internet is something that I am truly grateful for.  THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF MY LITTLE SPACE OF LOVELINESS!!!


P.S. There will be another post or two as the year comes to an end because I have some pictures waiting to be shared and maybe a few more thoughts to clear out, lol.  Also, the blog archives will remain, as I’m not ready to take down the blog in it’s entirety, so feel free to look around, and you can always find me on social media {see icons in sidebar} :-).

  • Nessbow

    Oh dear, I will be so sad to see you leave the blogosphere. However I understand that the time has come for you to spread your wings and leap into some new adventures. All the best for the year ahead.

  • Kerissa

    You will be missed but I follow you everywhere. Xo