To Be Lovely {My FINAL Post}

Merriam-Webster Dictionary (well the online version because I left my collegiate dictionary that my momma gave me at age 14 in my classroom) defines lovely as, “1. attractive or beautiful especially in a graceful way 2.”  One of the definitions in the Urban Dictionary defines lovely as, “1. Meaning something genuinely beautiful and/or grand 2. A word that men should not be allowed to use in conversation with other men.”  (LOL, I can’t say I’ve ever heard the word lovely being used in a conversation between two men, lol.)

just-me-consider-me-lovelyWhen I started Consider Me Lovely, as a wedding blog a little over 5 years ago, I was in a space of my life where I wanted to be considered lovely, even though I didn’t quite consider myself there.  As a wedding blog, I wanted it to be a space where brides could find ideas and information to help them consider themselves lovely, the very thing I hadn’t quite figure out how to be.  When I shifted to blogging about my personal style and fashion a few months later, I didn’t know it, but my journey to loveliness began, and I am forever a better person because of it.  As a woman who dealt with low self-esteem, well into my early twenties, getting to a point where I find myself to be beautiful, in a graceful way, on the inside and outside, is invaluable. I don’t know on which date I became this beautiful graceful figure (in my opinion, of course), but I know that it happened right here, on this blog.


Consider Me Lovely has been a space in which I’ve shared myself, where I’ve been vulnerable and authentic, giving freely of my thoughts and emotions, as well as my style. Over a five year time period, you guys became my friends, and you came back over and over again to hear and see what I had to say and/or wear.  You guys reminded me daily that it was okay to be and eclectic gal from South Park, Texas.  Thank you for letting me know that my quirkiness was dope, that my words had the power to help others, and that I don’t have consider myself lovely, I can just be lovely.


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared to close this chapter in my book.  For so long, I’ve identified myself as the blogger behind Consider Me Lovely.  For so long, I felt like as long as I was blogging,  I was doing my part to leave a positive mark on the world, and without it I had nothing to contribute, one of a few reasons that I didn’t do this a year or so ago.


Anytime the way you define yourself is based on a specific thing or person, it’s probably time to move on.  Along with the reasons explained in this post from Monday, I spent the last year struggling with being Consider Me Lovely or Consider Me Lovely being me.  The comfort of this little space that I carved out on the internet will always be home, and I find peace in knowing that this home has been filled with such sweet memories, and that in this home I became LOVELY.


{My little Zara really loves her Nanie Quelle, so she had to be a part of the outfit photos that day.}

However, I know that greatness is not achieved in our comfort zones, and so it is time for me to get a bit uncomfortable.  So, I bid farewell to blogging here on Consider Me Lovely (who knows if another blog might be in my future; I’m really not sure), the space of comfort that I’ve known for 5 years, and I look forward to what lies ahead.


P.S.  I won’t be blogging here anymore, but Consider Me Lovely will be here, should you want to peruse for some style or life inspiration.  You can still find me on social media using the icons in the sidebar, and I am always an email away, 🙂

  • Nessbow

    While I will certainly miss your posts, I’m pleased that you’ve reached a point where you feel ready to let go and find a new adventure to live. All the best to you, sweetest lady. You are, indeed, the loveliest.

  • I am excited for you and what your journey ahead holds. I pray God’s very best for you in all that you do!!!

    Carsedra of:

  • Texas Aggie Mom

    Your presence here will truly be missed. I found both fashion and spiritual inspiration in your posts, and have been blessed over and over again by reading your words, wise beyond your years. I pray God’s best for you in the next chapter of your life, and hope you will continue to use your gift for words in some way. If you came into this experience five years ago doubting that you were truly lovely inside AND out, I hope you know that now beyond a shadow of a doubt!

  • Reiko

    Such a beautiful and graceful exit! I will be copying and pasting soon…lol.
    I love you so much. I will slit somebody’s eye on your behalf. (See how I ungraceful, I am).

  • Zara Willis

    Good luck to you.