You Asked

In last week’s post, I offered the opportunity to ask me anything, and y’all asked some great questions!!  Instead of writing out my responses, I sat down in front of my camera/computer and answered the questions submitted in the aforementioned post, as well as questions I’ve received via email and such before.  Being the talker […]

Photo Aug 16, 9 44 00 PM


LOVELIES!!  It’s Friday, and I’m excited about it!!! lol  How has your week been?  Excellent, I hope :-). My week has been great, stressful, exhausting, healing, emotional, and so much more, but I am extremely grateful as I type this.  Every week I share pictures (via Instagram, or my regular iPhone camera) of things that made me […]


All Wrapped Up

A few weeks ago the lovely ladies of Rapt, an indie personal electronic accessories company, contacted me about making an accessory for my electronic of choice! Being that I’d perused their site a few times before, I was excited to pick out a lovely piece. I instantly thought that I needed some kid of cover […]


Silver and Gold

Happy Tuesday lovelies!!  I’m still rather geeked about being back to blogging (see my initial excitement in yesterday’s post)!!!  I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed by now that I have no fear when it comes to mixing metals while accessorizing!!  I love wearing gold and silver together, and I’ve seemed to reach a point where I […]


Mixed Return

HEY LOVELIES!!  Oh how I’ve missed saying that over the last couple of weeks :-).  I hope you all have had a wonderful transition into 2012!!  I brought in the new year with a horrible cold, but I am blessed to see a new year and definitely feeling much better!! As you can see, I […]