Your Body Is Fabulous- Joi


Ok, I  know it has been WAY too long since there has been a YBIF feature, but a break was needed, life gets busy, and  I wanted the timing to be right  So, the Your body is fabulous series is officially back and in full effect for 2014, and I’m excited about it; I hope you […]

SMILE- Consider Me Lovely Turns 3!


HAPPY Friday darlings!!!  I’ve had a very fun and wonderful week, and to cap it off, Consider Me Lovely turns 3 today!!!  When I started this blog on November 15, 2010, I can’t say I expected it to still be alive and kicking 3 years later, especially since this wasn’t my first attempt at blogging […]

I’ll Be Back


HEY there lovelies!!  Between finishing the semester, hopefully getting ready for my graduate internship, and working on the next collection for Clutched & Covered (coming in a couple of weeks), among other things, I need a little blog break :-).  I will be back in a week or so, but in the meantime, check out […]

Simple Statement


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I finished one of my DIY projects over the weekend, and it was another DIY no-sew tulle skirt (if you missed the first one, see this post)!! I loved it SO much that I couldn’t wait to wear it, so I wore it to church Sunday :-). I wore […]

Ask Me Anything


I’m a blog reader as much as I am a blogger, and as such, I love when I get a chance to learn more about the blogger behind the blog.  My blogger pal, Shea, of Curves and Confidence did a post last week where she answered some questions from her readers, and while I’d been […]

Mixed Feelings


  DISCLAIMER:  These words are not about anyone in particular, but I do see how they could potentially offend some people, including myself, lol. I LOVE blogging, the style blogging community, my blogger friends, the style creators, and the opportunities that have come as a result, but I must also say that I have mixed […]

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