LOVELIES! How are y’all doing?  Monday is here, and I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to have a great week!  I had a pretty lovely weekend, which included final touches on reorganizing my office (which used to double as my niece and nephew’s game room until a week ago), attending my […]

Defying Expectations

(love the accidental movement in this photo) There are certain things that people expect to go together: little black dresses and cocktail parties, pencil skirts and pumps, wide leg/bell bottom jeans and platforms.  The pairing of these things are a bit of the norm and work wonderfully together, especially when each person adds their own […]

SUPER Casual

I know y’all usually see me in skirts and heels (because they are my faves), but I am not prancing around in heels everyday of my life :-).  I realized that you don’t see pics of me often in my casual/long day of running errands looks, but that’s usually because I am in a hurry on those […]