Color + Print


HEY there dears!!!  Happy Monday to y’all!!! I had a wonderful weekend, but the up and down weather that Houston fall/winter is made of has me feeling miserable from sinus pressure, so today’s post is going to be one of pictures and minimal words. Sweater:  Zara: Dress worn as skirt: Handmade (seen in this post); […]

Grown Folk Nights


HEY dears!  I hope your week is off to a wonderful start!  Considering all that I have going on with my coming graduation, stress and anxiety has not hit me yet this week, and I am very grateful :-). As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I spent time with loved ones over the weekend including […]

Outfit Repeat


Oh my goodness daring!  I am SO sorry for my unexpected break.  I was completely overwhelmed with life last week and had zero time to blog.  Nonetheless, I apologize, and will do my best to blog regularly, even as I head towards graduation in 5 weeks.  How’ve you guys been?!!  I’ve missed y’all! When I […]

Casual Sunday


Hey dears!!! I hope you had a great weekend and your week is off to a wonderful start! Aside from my last days at the part-time job I’d picked up a few months ago, I had a lovely weekend of relaxing, shopping, and time with loved ones. What more can a girl ask for, aside […]

Change the World


Hey there lovelies!!  I hope everything is going wonderfully in your world! I’ve been running around like a mad lady, but things are about to change a bit, so hopefully, I’ll be back to blogging more often again :-). When the lovely Emily of t-615 reached out to me about wearing a piece from her […]

Emotional Dresser


Hi. My name is Rocquelle, and I’m an emotional dresser.  This means that what I wear has to speak to my mood, has to feel good once I put it on, or a combination of both.  I have  a hard time planning outfits, because my mood changes from day to day.  On most days this […]

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