Sunday morning before heading out to church, I decided to try out a new photographer, and I must admit taking outfit pictures is so much more fun (hence more pictures with smiling) when there is another person, as opposed to just me and my camera and tripod! My 11 year old nephew surprised me by […]

Shoe Candy

I destroyed this bag of candy during class yesterday, lol Anybody that knows me, knows that  I LOVE candy (and junk food in general)!  I especially have a special place for bright, colorful, chewy, fruity candy.  I also happen to like my shoes bright and colorful, with a bit of  a punch like the Sour Patch […]

Consider Me Color Blocked

Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly created a new series called “Bloggers Do It Better,” and the first task is Color blocking or Bold Colorful Stripes!  When I first saw the task, I thought I would just share this post for the event (in case I didn’t wear a color blocking outfit before tomorrow), but I’ve been […]


Growing is a lifelong process, or so I hope, that even applies to fashion.  As I’ve mentioned many times before, red is not a color I prefer for myself.  I really can’t explain why I never liked red for myself before, but I started to grow a bit last January when I brought in the […]