see full outfit here Happy Friday my dears!!  For those that celebrate, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving full loved one and gratitude.  For those that don’t celebrate, I hope your Thursday was awesome and you found something to be thankful for still.  Every week I share pictures (via Instagram, or my regular iPhone camera) […]



I don’t know what Reiko and I were talking about, but based on this picture, it was something good, lol Woohoo, it’s Friday!!! lol  As you can see, I’m pretty happy to see the weekend.  My week was pretty great, but my god-daughter turns 5 tomorrow, which means I get to spend some fun time […]

Photo Aug 16, 9 44 00 PM


LOVELIES!!  It’s Friday, and I’m excited about it!!! lol  How has your week been?  Excellent, I hope :-). My week has been great, stressful, exhausting, healing, emotional, and so much more, but I am extremely grateful as I type this.  Every week I share pictures (via Instagram, or my regular iPhone camera) of things that made me […]



Hey there lovelies!! How was your week? Excellent, I hope :-). I must admit it seems that the week flew by a bit, maybe because this week has been pretty busy, but I am GLAD the weekend is here!! I have a weekend of time with my aunts, uncles, and cousins ahead, so it’s bound […]


Festival Casual

Hey there darlings! Happy hump day to you!!  A few weeks ago, I went to the International Festival with my nephew and Reiko.  It was warm out, but a previous day of brought a insane about of dine, so I wanted to dress for it all! I don’t wear shorts often because the ones I […]


Culottes and Polka Dots

Happy hump day darlings!!  Has Spring landed in your city/town yet?  Spring is in full effect here, feeling like over 90 degrees this past weekend, and I am pretty happy about the sunshine, aside from the fact that the air conditioner has to be run non-stop, causing higher electric bills, lol.  The fabulous Kendra invited […]