Hey lovelies!! I truly hope you had a wonderful weekend! For those of you who are mothers, I hope your Mother’s Day was special in some or many ways! Your eyes are not deceiving you my dears. Today’s post features someone very special, my momma!! With the news about my sister’s death (my dad’s daughter), […]



Hey there lovelies!! I truly hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I actually spent most of my weekend doing hair, lol.  I spent Saturday washing my hair and doing a maintenance on my locs (which means I re-twist my roots), and Sunday after church I spent hours doing my niece’s hair, and darlings, I am […]


Muted Sparkle

Happy Saturday lovelies!! I seem to be on a roll with the post this week, lol, but there has been a lot I’ve wanted to share :-). The other week I was invited to the launch party for Just A Busy Mom, a new lifestyle blog, and I must admit when the day came for […]



Happy Friday darlings!! For the last two days, I’ve been waking up thinking it’s Friday, only to realize it’s not, lol, so I guess you can say I am glad Friday is here.  I am definitely looking forward to spending time with my loved ones this weekend, so maybe that’s it :-).  Every week I […]



Happy Monday darlings!!  How are you this monday morning (or afternoon, hehe)? As I type this, I am feeling beyond exhausted and suffering from a sore throat and head congestion, so today’s post is going to be rather basic.  This outfit consist of two rather basic pieces of my wardrobe, in the sense of their […]