Paisley Confession

Good Monday lovelies!!  How are you doing as you start the work week?  I am wonderful, as I had a rathe lovely weekend full of business and fun :-).  Between great messages at church, which is where I wore this outfit, awesome conversations with friends, and amazing things God has placed in front of me […]


Two As One

Happy top of the week lovelies!!  How was your weekend?  I truly hope you enjoyed it!  Friday I had an unexpected lunch date with with one of my oldest best friends, Tiffany, and had a spontaneous gelato date with one of my favorite girlies, Ashely :-).  Sadly, I attended the funeral of a very lovely […]


Mixed Return

HEY LOVELIES!!  Oh how I’ve missed saying that over the last couple of weeks :-).  I hope you all have had a wonderful transition into 2012!!  I brought in the new year with a horrible cold, but I am blessed to see a new year and definitely feeling much better!! As you can see, I […]

Purposefully Stylish

If you have read Consider Me Lovely long enough, you know that while I am all about clothes, shoes, outfits, and shopping, at the root of it all, I am much more than those exterior things.  At my core I am really about positivity and how to be a blessing to others, so I can […]

Experimental Repurposing

Hey there lovelies!!! How have you been?  I truly needed that week off, but I missed you guys! It’s amazing how much this blog has become a part of my life, even if there is no one reading, lol. How was your weekend? Mine was lovely; I spent it doing homework, working on getting things […]