Sideswept Updo


Over the last week and a half, I received questions about how to do the hair style seen in last week’s outfit post, so I made a tutorial video of how to create this sideswept updo :-).  Of course, I have locs, but with a few modifications, this is a style that can be done […]

All Curled Up


Though I don’t do it often, I love to wear my hair curly!!  The only thing that keeps me from doing it more often is time.  I can’t just use a curling iron really quick in the morning (though I have never tried :-)), which is why I can live vicariously through you lovelies.  So, […]

You Asked


In last week’s post, I offered the opportunity to ask me anything, and y’all asked some great questions!!  Instead of writing out my responses, I sat down in front of my camera/computer and answered the questions submitted in the aforementioned post, as well as questions I’ve received via email and such before.  Being the talker […]

Plaited Updo


Hey there darlings!!  In last week’s outfit posts (here and here if you missed them), I was wearing my hair in an undo created with plaits, which is what I use to make my locs wavy.  Before taking the plaits down, I created a quick hair tutorial, that anyone can do! (back)  (front) What kind […]

Hair: Plaited Mohawk


So back in March, I was perusing the web and saw this image, I think on Chescaleigh’s blog.  After saving it on my computer, I randomly decided to try my hand at creating this hairstyle one Friday night.  Below is the end result!! This week is only my third time wearing my hair in this […]

Transformative Beauty: My Locs Helped Me Find Myself


While I will never regret starting locs, I’d be lying to you if I told you it was a simple decision. It all started 20 years ago, when as a little girl I saw my older cousin at a family function. He had these beautiful, braid-like things on his head. I asked my mom what […]

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