Abstract Realities

 (playing around with the liquifying filter in Photoshop) My digital photography class is winding down (turning in my final project, movie poster, today!), and I have really learned a lot!  One of our assignments not long ago was to create an Abstract Reality Collage, using at least 3 images.  Though these collages were not supposed […]


Y’all may remember that I started summer school a couple of weeks ago, and one of my classes is Digital Photography.  I really enjoy the class, but it keeps me pretty busy (along with my online Marketing class).  It’s only a five week course, so I have assignments like everyday, and I wanted to share some […]


This post is aptly named “Finally” for  a number of reasons: I finally got a DSLR camera (Can you tell the difference? Be honest, lol). I finally have a chance to share an outfit post this week (I’ve got some new things goin on and that I’m preparing for, so I have to figure out how to […]