Flowers + Leather

HAPPY Monday darlings!!!  I know, it’s some kind of miracle that I am posting on a Monday; I haven’t done so in ages!  The chilly weather that came in Friday meant that I spent my Saturday in my house working and relaxing, which allowed for a little extra time for blogging :-). I’m really big […]



HAPPY Friday my dears!!!  This has been a crazy busy week, like every week, lol, but a really blessed one.  I hop eyour week has been amazing and you have a fun weekend ahead!  Every week I share pictures (via Instagram, or my regular iPhone camera) of things that made me smile.  These are some things that […]



Lovelies!!! It’s Friday!!!  I always look forward to the weekends, but this weekend, I’m extra excited because my birthday is Sunday!!!  I don’t usually plan much for my birthday, and my ex never really did either, but I have a fun weekend with friends and loved ones ahead.  What do you have planned?  Every week I […]


Workday Shoe Swoon

High Cut Wedge Boot  If you’re anything like me, when you are at the computer working, you find yourself browsing your favorite store for goodies to potentially put in your closet :-). This weekend while working on my final project for school, I found myself wandering to Zara’s website. While I found many pieces of […]