Shop Small This Weekend!!


HAPPY FRIDAY darlings!!!  I hope everyone stateside had a lovely Thanksgiving, and everyone else through out the world had a great Thursday!  As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, it’s Black Friday in my part of the world, and it’s Small Business Saturday tomorrow, as well.  So, while everyone is telling you where to shop […]

All I Want For My Birthday…Shoes!


Hello there lovelies!! While my weekend was a lovely time of reflection and time with loved ones, I was most excited that the weekend marked the beginning of June! My birthday is this month, and I am really excited about my birthday this time around. People who know me in non-internet life, know that I […]

Memorial Day Sale!


In celebration of the long Memorial Day weekend (a U.S. holiday that celebrates military men and women how risk and sacrifice they’re lives for American freedoms), and in gratitude of reaching 500 Instagram followers, Clutched & Covered is having a sale!  If you ben eyeing the clutches I’ve been carrying in outfit post over the […]

Road-tripping and Shopping


HEY THERE darlings!!!!  It seems like forever since I’ve written a post, and I’ve missed y’all!!!!!  How’ve you been?  I hope life has been treating you well.  Things have been a bit crazy over here with my midterms and all, which is why I needed a bit of a blog break, but I am happy […]

Stella Jean Please Be Mine


Lovelies,  I don’t usually share designer collections and such, as I know you guys can see them everywhere else, and this is a style blog, not a fashion blog.  However, when I took a bit of time to check out the full Stella Jean Spring/Summer 2013 collection, I HAD to share!!  The bold colors, graphic […]

Workday Shoe Swoon


High Cut Wedge Boot  If you’re anything like me, when you are at the computer working, you find yourself browsing your favorite store for goodies to potentially put in your closet :-). This weekend while working on my final project for school, I found myself wandering to Zara’s website. While I found many pieces of […]

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