HEY dears!!!  How’s your week been? My week has been great!!  I made great strides on a work project and spent time with people I love.  :-).  I have a presentation for grad school to finish before Monday, but I hope I can manage to squeeze in some time for fun too before the weekend. […]


Speed Dresser

Hey there my dears!!! How are things going so far this week? As you can probably tell from my inconsistent posting, I have a lot going on and am a bit overwhelmed with things, but I promise to be more consistent soon :-). In the meantime, I’ve managed to become one of the world’s fastest […]


Sequins + Stripes

I bought this vintage jacket last year a few days after my birthday while out thrifting with Tasha, before she left town, and this is my first time wearing it.  SHAME ON ME, lol. I had every intention of wearing it last fall, but every time I put it on, I just wasn’t feeling it. […]