Workday Shoe Swoon

High Cut Wedge Boot  If you’re anything like me, when you are at the computer working, you find yourself browsing your favorite store for goodies to potentially put in your closet :-). This weekend while working on my final project for school, I found myself wandering to Zara’s website. While I found many pieces of […]


Blue Haze

When I think of monochromatic outfits, I often think of black on black or gray on gray ensembles, but when I got dressed for church Sunday morning, blue was my monochromatic color of choice.  I was in a bit of rush, so I didn’t even realize there was a haze on the photos my nephew […]


Lady Denim

DISCLAIMER:  I was in a crazy hurry Sunday morning, and didn’t realize my clothes were not laying the way I thought when I took these pictures, but I wanted to share anyway, so don’t judge me, lol. Hey there darlings!! How was your weekend?  My weekend was lovely!  I didn’t do anything particular but try […]


Mixed Return

HEY LOVELIES!!  Oh how I’ve missed saying that over the last couple of weeks :-).  I hope you all have had a wonderful transition into 2012!!  I brought in the new year with a horrible cold, but I am blessed to see a new year and definitely feeling much better!! As you can see, I […]