Mixed Comparison

As much as I try not to, I find myself comparing myself to others from time to time, and I’m not proud of it, but it is my truth.  Sometimes, it’s because I’m 28, single, trying to figure out this life thing, and not successful by society standards.  Other times, I catch myself comparing Consider […]


2014 Is Not MY Year

With the start of every new year, people chime on about it being “my year” and “your year,” year after year.  However, it seems that I saw people proclaiming 2014 to be “their year” on my social media timelines more than ever.  While I am glad to see people being inspired, motivated, and empowered about […]


2013 Was a Good Year

HEY there lovelies!!!!  Happy 2014 to you all!!  I apologize for my mini-hiatus, but it was SO needed.  Nonetheless, I am back, and figured I’d start the blogging year off with a recap of my favorite outfits from 2013!  I wasn’t initially planning to do a recap post, but 2013 was all about picking my […]



HEy there lovelies!!!  I hope you’ve had a wonderful week!  Aside from being sick with some sinus/cold concoction, my week has been fun, relaxing, and productive.  With grad school being completed and the end of year approaching, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my life, what I’ve accomplished, what I still need to […]


Who I’m Becoming…

I used to be a very serious person, or maybe I was just very angry. I didn’t smile much.  I did everything in my power to be invisible.  I even had moments in my life where I didn’t want to live and called myself attempting to rectify that.  I’m not telling you this to depress […]

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