Story to Tell

One of the things I think of when it comes to thrifted, retro, and vintage clothes and jewelry  is the person (or people) who once owned them.  I think that is what makes them special!  On Mothers’s Day (after church)  I wore these shorts that once belonged to my mom to see “Jumping the Broom” […]

SUPER Casual

I know y’all usually see me in skirts and heels (because they are my faves), but I am not prancing around in heels everyday of my life :-).  I realized that you don’t see pics of me often in my casual/long day of running errands looks, but that’s usually because I am in a hurry on those […]


I’ve been thinking about polishing my nails ombre (a color graduating from light to dark) for a couple of weeks, and finally decided to try it this week!  I was going through my polishes to see which colors I had 5 shades of, and when I saw the assortment of greens in my polish box, […]

Mothered Style

Without my mom, I would SO not be the woman I am and am becoming today!  The greatest lesson she taught me is SELF-LOVE.  At many points in my childhood and adolescence, I suffered from varying levels of self-hate,.particularly when it came to my physical features.  It wasn’t until my mom’s continuous words on loving […]

Friend Friday: SHOES

(part of my shoes, in my closet that I’m planning to redo this summer) This weeks FBFF post is right up my alley!  As you all know by now, I LOVE shoes, and this week Katy of Modly Chic asked us questions that delve into our shoe adoration! 1.What is your go-to pair of shoes? […]


Aside from sinus pain and pressure, I have a rather lovely week and hope you have too! These are the things that made me smile this week: This mug that I got at Home Goods last week, that reminds me of the purpose for each day!  AND it’s super colorful :-). My little cousin going to […]