Y’all may remember that I started summer school a couple of weeks ago, and one of my classes is Digital Photography.  I really enjoy the class, but it keeps me pretty busy (along with my online Marketing class).  It’s only a five week course, so I have assignments like everyday, and I wanted to share some […]


I must admit this has been a BUSY week, so I am taking a slightly different approach to this weeks smile post.  These are some things that made me smile this week in Instagram photos: Realizing my vintage Dooney & Bourke can be a camera bag, until I can find one I really like.  Receiving […]


The awesome Christine of UN-stitched blessed me with the Blogger Luxury Award!  I’ve never received a blogger award before, and I am BEYOND honored!  This award has a few requirements: Link back to the blogger who gave the award. Tell 7 tings about yourself. Award 3 other bloggers and notify them. One of my goals […]

Color and Sparkle

I had been wanting to wear this blue color since I bought it a few weeks ago at Ulta, however, I’d been wanting to wear this gold since I wore it last month, as well.  So, I decided to wear them together and throw a little glitter in the mix too (I can be a […]


Sometimes I find the hardest things about writing blog post (aside from trying to take nice pictures) is coming up with a name for the post, so today I just went with I Don’t Know, lol.  I decided, at the last minute, to go to some graduation dinners/parties for my little cousin and play sister with […]