Neons, Blurs, and Imperfections

A few weeks ago, I took pictures to participate in the Bloggers Do It Better challenge of Neons + Neutrals. I was excited to share my outfit, but the first time I wore the outfit to class and took the pictures, they came out blurry. Since I am still learning about my new camera, I […]

Makin’ A Comeback

I’ve said once (more than once really) before that culottes are making a comeback, and these are one of my favorites!!  I bought these a few months ago from a local online boutique, Random Identity, but I wore them for the first time to church Sunday.  I LOVE the print and color in these culottes; I’ve […]

Birthday Wish

Homemade cake from my 24th birthday Tomorrow is my 26th birthday, and I am feeling super humbled and blessed to be on the cusp of a new year in my life!  As I approach my 26th year, I am very grateful to have Consider Me Lovely and all of the lovely people who take the time to […]


Y’all may remember that I started summer school a couple of weeks ago, and one of my classes is Digital Photography.  I really enjoy the class, but it keeps me pretty busy (along with my online Marketing class).  It’s only a five week course, so I have assignments like everyday, and I wanted to share some […]