These are things that made me smile this week: The arrival of my chain ring from Gypsy Warrior Vintage. taken with Instagram Spending time with family and friends. Time with Babe commemorating his 26th birthday! Chocolate and all things sweet :-). taken with Instagram  This comment from the lovely Christine letting me know she thought I […]

My Dark Is Lovely

Last Friday Ty of Gorgeous In Grey, wrote a post about the Bill Duke documentary Dark Girls, that delves into the (not so lovely) experiences of dark-skinned African-American girls and women.  I’d heard about it a few days before her post, but had yet to watch the trailer, because I wasn’t ready for the emotions I […]


Step Into the Limelight

From L to R: Leaf ring and chain ring made by yours truly; College class ring: Jostens; Ring: Forever 21; Chain ring: Gypsy Warrior Vintage As I stated in last week’s nail post, I had plans to do the Louboutin inspired nail again, just in different colors, but my right thumb nail decided to break […]

Flat Footed

I’m starting grad school next Monday (studying digital media)!  I’m anxious and excited, and also see this as a reason to do a bit of shopping (of course)!  Nonetheless, as much as I LOVE a gorgeous pair of heels, I am not a fan of trekking up the cobblestone at school on a daily basis […]

Getting Old

Saturday my little cousin had a graduation party, and after helping set things up, I stayed around for a few hours, playing a bit of chaperone and helped however I could.  Watching my little cousin interact with her friends and dance to the “cool” music of today, I realized, I’m getting old! LOL Of course, […]


These are things that made me smile this week: Spending time with family and friends. Seeing my god-daughter! (She had me sit in the Target basket with her while her mom pushed, and though she was sick, she was determined to play hide and seek with me before she went to bed) Being very blessed! […]