Just Breathe


Sometimes life can get overwhelming, with so many things going on, and we just keep pushing ourselves, trying to juggle it all.  However, sometimes we just need to take a breather to regroup and refresh.  So, I’m taking a mini blog break.  If you are struggling to manage its all, I encourage you to take […]

Your Body Is Fabulous- Joi


Ok, I  know it has been WAY too long since there has been a YBIF feature, but a break was needed, life gets busy, and  I wanted the timing to be right  So, the Your body is fabulous series is officially back and in full effect for 2014, and I’m excited about it; I hope you […]

SMILE- Consider Me Lovely Turns 3!


HAPPY Friday darlings!!!  I’ve had a very fun and wonderful week, and to cap it off, Consider Me Lovely turns 3 today!!!  When I started this blog on November 15, 2010, I can’t say I expected it to still be alive and kicking 3 years later, especially since this wasn’t my first attempt at blogging […]

Unedited Hand Me Down


HEY there lovelies!!  It seems like ages since I’ve posted on a Monday, but I’m trying to do better!  How was your weekend?  My weekend was a mix of business and fun, and it started off with the Houston International Jazz Festival Kickoff Party on Friday night.I usually struggle with what to wear for night […]

28 Things I (Re)Learned in My 27th Year


Lovelies, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!  Year 27 really tried to KICK MY BUTT, so I am excited about the start of a new year in my life! As I have reflected on the year I’ve had, as my birthday approached, I realized that I have learned quite a bit about life and myself in this year, […]

Consider Me Tulled- It’s A Link Up!


Darlings, when I made my first no-sew tulle skirt, I had NO IDEA that it would take on a life of its own! When I got to tulle skirt number two and my good friend encouraged me to do a tulle skirt challenge.link up, I surely thought she was crazy, lol. I remember thinking, why […]

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