Guest Post: Girl Power

Lovelies, as I mentioned in this post, I am taking some time off from blogging to decide if and/or how I want to move forward with Consider Me Lovely. In the meantime, I am honored to have some friends of mine guest post!  Hi, it’s Tasha from Imperfect Concepts. Sharing a motivational guest post today. […]


Daytime Sparkle

I woke up Sunday morning with every intention of wearing a pink dress my mom bought for me about a month ago, but when I put it on Sunday morning, it just didn’t speak to me.  While the people at church  have come to expect not so average outfits from me, I do feel the […]


Sunshine Lover

I know there are many people who love dreary rainy days or days full of snow, but I LOVE days full of warm sunshine!!  I don’t know if it’s because I’m a Summer baby (my birthday is next month), but there is nothing better than feeling the sunbeams on my skin.  It’s an automatic smile […]


Flowers and Camo

Hey there darlings!!!  I have a confession to make…Grad school is KICKING MY BUTT!!!  lol  With my final assignments and projects due within th next week, I almost took a blog break, but I’ve opted to keep my posts over the next week or so, short instead :-).  I’ve not worn this dress since this […]