Oxblood Meets Navy


It’s been a while since I’ve done a nail post!!  I’m getting a late start on this post (life happens), so it will be short, but I miss doing them each week, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing them regularly again :-). Revlon:  Vixen; Julep: Elizabeth (no longer available, but this one is […]



Hey there darlings, and happy Friday to you!! I really hope y’all have had awesome weeks!  This week has been pretty rough for me emotionally, if i can be honest.  3 months ago today something pretty bad happened to me, and it has basically changed my life, in ways I couldn’t imagine 3 months and […]



Woohoo!!!  It’s Friday darlings!  If your week has been anything like mine, you are glad the weekend has come :-).  Granted, I had a pretty good week, but I’ve just had a lot to do and a lot going on.  I probably will be working over the weekend, but I’m looking forward to a bit […]



Last month one of my best friends came over to get her nails polished, so I gave her something a bit out of her comfort zone Well when it came time to do my nails on Friday, I decided to do my nails almost identical to how I did hers! Pure Ice: Wild Thing; OPI: […]

Color Combinations


There is no true method to my madness when I get dressed.  I wear what calls out to me, combine whatever colors want to be combined for the day, and pair whichever prints want to hangout together for the day.  In the same manner I don’t really think out the colors I’ll wear on my […]

Glittered Lilac


Lovelies!  It seems like forever since I’ve shared a nails post, but it’s only been 3 weeks, which is kind of like forever, lol.  I’ve still been polishing my nails, of course, but I’ve either not had a chance to take pictures of my digits, didn’t clean up the edges very well, or simply wore […]

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