Hey there lovelies!!  I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!  My weekend was lovely, including some volunteer work, time with family, and a big dose of rest (of which I am paying for now because I’m behind on my grad school work, lol, but totally worth it). When I prepared to do my nails […]

When Fuchsia Meets Copper


Whoa, it seems like ages since I’ve shared my weekly mani with you guys!! A few weeks ago, I bought this cool brownish/copper glitter that I’d been wanting to try on top of a similar metallic.  I tried with gold the other week, but I instantly removed it, lol.  Then I remembered that I had […]

Oxblood Meets Navy


It’s been a while since I’ve done a nail post!!  I’m getting a late start on this post (life happens), so it will be short, but I miss doing them each week, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing them regularly again :-). Revlon:  Vixen; Julep: Elizabeth (no longer available, but this one is […]



Hey there darlings, and happy Friday to you!! I really hope y’all have had awesome weeks!  This week has been pretty rough for me emotionally, if i can be honest.  3 months ago today something pretty bad happened to me, and it has basically changed my life, in ways I couldn’t imagine 3 months and […]

Glittered Lilac


Lovelies!  It seems like forever since I’ve shared a nails post, but it’s only been 3 weeks, which is kind of like forever, lol.  I’ve still been polishing my nails, of course, but I’ve either not had a chance to take pictures of my digits, didn’t clean up the edges very well, or simply wore […]

Nude Metal


When it came time to do my nails over the weekend (am I the only one who loves weekly nail polish changes?!), I wanted something a little softer, yet grown, yet not one dimensional.  I tried a thick line up the middle last year using tape last year, but this time around I wanted to […]

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