I’m big on revamping my clothes. Giving my clothes a new purposes and look, reorganizing my closet, impromptu alterations, these are all necessary tools in my style arsenal.  These shorts used to be jeans, but the leg became too stretched out, and my head wrap was once a vintage skirt, but instead of getting rid […]


2013 Was a Good Year

HEY there lovelies!!!!  Happy 2014 to you all!!  I apologize for my mini-hiatus, but it was SO needed.  Nonetheless, I am back, and figured I’d start the blogging year off with a recap of my favorite outfits from 2013!  I wasn’t initially planning to do a recap post, but 2013 was all about picking my […]


Casually Mixed

Hey there my dears!!!  How was your weekend?  Fantastic, I hope!  My weekend was pretty lovely, aside from dealing with the fact that my boyfriend broke up with me last Thursday.  I spemt time with friends and family, finished a DIY project, and attended two fantastic church services :-). Shirt:  Ralph Lauren-thrifted (similar);  Jeans:  GAP; […]