HAPPY Tuesday my dears!!  How’s life treating you?  I am getting over a sinus cold that had me in the house most of the weekend and am behind on my grad school work (what’s new there?, lol), but otherwise life is rather lovely for me this week so far :-). As much as I’d love […]



Happy Friday lovelies!!  I hope everyone has had an awesome week!  My week started off a bit stressful, with my finals and all, but got better each day, and now I am looking forward to the weekend :-).  I am going to a “Pinkalicious” 6th birthday party tomorrow for my friend’s daughter, and I have […]


Refined Nostalgia

While I love blogs, mags, and watching the runways, I am truly inspired by the women of the past who wore cinched waist, full skirts, and longer hem lines.  The women who loved the pomp and circumstance of a big hat on a Sunday (or any day) morning).  Women who loved to show some arm […]