Looking Back

Hey there lovelies!! How was your weekend?  I had very lovely but exhausting weekend, that started off with a Friday night sleepover of 4-8 year olds for 5th birthday of my best friend’s daughter, and I never quite recovered from the exhaustion, though I moved forward with a weekend of work and time with family […]



I don’t know what Reiko and I were talking about, but based on this picture, it was something good, lol Woohoo, it’s Friday!!! lol  As you can see, I’m pretty happy to see the weekend.  My week was pretty great, but my god-daughter turns 5 tomorrow, which means I get to spend some fun time […]



(full outfit here) Good Friday to you lovelies! How are you doing?  I hope y’all had a wonderful week!!  I’m pretty excited because this marks my 52nd SMILE post, which makes for a year of post!  I know I say this a lot when I reach certain milestones, but I didn’t know I would complete […]



HAPPY Friday darlings!!  This week has been super productive for me, in the sense that I have been writing to-do list and actually completing them.  I am not really a to-do list kind of girl, so I have been excited about this all week, lol.  I’ve also been making great strides in the planning of […]